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Practice with these Present Progressive exercises. Start learning today for free! Discussion. Verb tenses worksheets for use in school or at home. Learn Spanish grammar with our free helpful lessons and fun exercises at The Present Progressive in Spanish is formed with a conjugated form of the verb Estar (to be) and the Present Participle. Irregular Past Simple - Jeopardy Grammar Game; Present Vs. Past Tenses - Football Game Ejercicios interactivos con solucin y autoevaluacin del presente simple y continuo III, present simple and progressive exercises III, ESO, Bachillerato. Guess and spell the missing word. Use and form of "estar" in the present tense and the "ing" endings. Nosotros / practicar deportes 3. Translate Present. Welcome to the new site! Create complete sentences by putting theverbs in the present progressive. PRESENT PROGRESSIVE: ALL PARTICIPLES Puerto Rico needs your help. Follow these steps: You must have a teacher account. Descargar clase ESL Present Progressive Hangman Game . Leccion con audio gratis para descargar. English grammar guide with lots of free grammar exercises, crossword puzzles, vocabulary activities, reading exercises and quizzes. Lleg tu oportunidad de practicar ingls gratis con los ejercicios interactivos de OM EXERCISE !! Nuestro equipo / ganar el partido 5. Quizlet provides present spanish progressive estar forms activities, flashcards and games. Announcements Spanish Language and Culture with Barbara Kuczun Nelson was formerly known as Spanish Grammar Exercises. View More My Spanish 2 class needed some work on present progressive, and I developed this worksheet. Have you ever studied the present perfect tense before? We hope you find them useful. Adding activities to the CONJUGUEMOS library. Check out this article to learn the present tense Spanish forms, also known as the present indicative. What do you know about using 'conseguir' in the present progressive and as a present participle? Our worksheets are of the highest quality. 5.2 The present progressiveINTNTALO! 1. Carmen / comer 4. by admin. The Spanish present progressive, or present continuous, is very similar to its English counterpart (to be + -ing). Puerto Rico needs your help. Verb tenses worksheets for use in school or at home. Verb tenses worksheets for use in school or at home. Estudiar y aprender acerca del tiempo gramatical Present Continuous. am, are, is and verbs with the Present Progressive, English tenses, Exercise Ustedes / jugar a las cartas 8. Ejercicios interactivos con solucin y autoevaluacin del presente continuo I, present continuous exercises I, 1 y 2 de ESO Present progressive exercises - lower intermediate level. English tense. Present continuous exercises. Correct spellings will help you escape the hangman. Don't use contracted form. Past Simple, Past Progressive Present Perfect Tense Games. Click the answer buttons to see the answers. Yo / leer el peridico 6. l / pensar en comprar una bicicleta 7. Follow these steps: You must have a teacher account. Present Progressive Exercises. Get started on your way to speaking Spanish conversationally! Our worksheets are of the highest quality. Exercise 15 - Present Progressive Tense; Todas nuestas clases en linea Simple present and present continuous exercises affirmative, negative, interrogative. Jump to Present Progressive Explanation. Present progressive tells what a person "is doing" right now. Free present progressive exercises. Are you good at doing lots of things at the same time? ... (Juego Interactivo Ingles) Practicar y Aprender el Presente Continuo. Practice Forming Present Continuous Tense in the Present Continuous Tense - positive sentences, negative sentences, yes/no questions, information (Wh) questions etc. In Spanish this tense is formed by combining the verb "to be" with the present participle.